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Athens Djembe Company
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Athens Djembe Company

Your Source for High Quality Custom-Made Djembes

Here at Athens Djembe Company we specialize in custom manufacturing and re-heading of Djembe hand-drums.

In order to provide the best possible drums to our customers, we do not carry an inventory of drums, instead we custom-make each Djembe based on each individual order. We take the time and care to do the best possible job when creating each and every unique drum. From milling the fallen tree into rough lumber, to turning the drum on the lathe, we do all of the woodworking ourselves. We never buy cheap pre-carved African drum shells and re-sell them at a huge markup, as many other companies do. Our drums are made from individual staves glued together, as if making a barrel, instead of carving them from a single log. This greatly conserves our use of lumber, which is already sustainably harvested locally, from South-Eastern Ohio. Right now all of our drums are made from Basswood, however we have made Djembes from many different types of wood and are always happy to receive inquiries about what might be available. Our rings are hand-rolled and welded from 1018 steel, then coated to prevent rusting. We use the best possible rope for stringing all of our drums, for enhanced durability, and minimal stretching over time. Our drums are all turned on a lathe and finished with either a stain or clear sanding sealer and then three layers of clear topcoat. This gives an extremely glossy and professional appearance, while also creating a very durable drum shell. The drums have all been engineered for loud bass and crisp high tones, for a full range of sound.

Custom Djembe Pricing:

Our custom Djembes start at a base price of $300.00 each. They only come in one size at this time, with a 12” playing surface and 24” tall. They can be customized in several ways. You have a choice of unstained basswood (pale yellow color wood), light or dark Walnut color stain, or Cherry color stain. You also can choose what color you would like the top and bottom rings to be. For additional customization options, please view our products page and contact us for pricing.

Djembe Repair Pricing:

We specialize in replacement of broken heads on rope-strung Djembe drums. The standard price for all re-headings is $80.00 each. This price includes the $20.00 cost of the new goat skin. There is an extra charge if new vertical rope or new rings are needed. It usually takes about 10-14 days for a repair to be completed after we receive a drum, due to drying time. We can also repair other types of rope-strung drums and key-tuned Djembes, usually for around the same price. We can roll and weld custom rings from 1/4" steel round stock to any diameter greater than 6.5" for $15.00 each. We can wrap and knot these rings for an additional $15.00 each. Many of the custom options on our products page can also be purchased as modifications to existing Djembes, please inquire for pricing.